Our mission is simple:

1. Hire the right person.
2. Make it an enjoyable experience.

People are not your most important asset… the right people are.

The right people are the hub of your organization. They shape your culture. They create and protect your reputation and in the logistics industry… they literally move the world.

At hXpath, we aim to gain a holistic understanding of your organization’s DNA and act as a true partner throughout the entire recruitment process. Your input is only required at critical stages, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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With real and relevant experience in the logistics and freight forwarding industry, we leverage our know-how and close connections within our network to help you identify talent that will grow and flourish in your company environment.  

We invest the time to understand everything about our candidates – we know their passions, career aspirations and desired cultural fit. Our focus on quality means we won’t spam your inbox – instead we shortlist and send a small number of outstanding candidates who’ll be the best fit for your role, team and culture.

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